Temple Spa (Part 4): Moisture Matte

Final instalment in my Temple Spa series and I’ve saved the best until last! 🙌🙌🙌 This week it’s Moisture Matte and the question is: Moisturiser or primer? Like Dual Act Cleanser, this is another product that can be used two ways….. 🖒 If you have super-oily skin this is the only product you need for... Continue Reading →

Temple Spa (Part 3): Toning Essence

Do you use toner? Is it an essential part of your daily routine? Or have you pushed it to the back of the bathroom cabinet as cleansers have become more intelligent at balancing pH? Part 3 of 4 in my Temple Spa mini-review series is all about Toning Essence Essential Mist Tonic Without The Alcohol Turns out the... Continue Reading →

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