Mallow and White’s Trio of Soothe Minis

Cruelty-free, handmade in the UK in small batches and founded on an ethos of simplicity, Mallow and White’s pure and minimalist approach to skincare ticks all the right beauty boxes. When their minis launched in August, I couldn’t wait to try them and took the Soothe range home with me on a trip to Northern Ireland.

The fragrance-free Soothe collection has been developed with sensitive skin in mind but is suitable for any skin type. Each product contains 6 ingredients or less so there are no unnecessary fillers, just carefully chosen skin-loving elements.

Soothe Cleansing Oil

This award winner contains 5 oils: rice bran, apricot kernel*, grape seed*, jojoba seed, cucumber seed and is without a doubt, the most effective cleansing oil I have tried.

If you’re new to oil cleansing, make this your first: it quickly and effectively removes make-up and impurities/pollutants/whatever your skin has picked up during the day with zero waste.

*organic ingredients

To use: massage 5-8 drops into dry skin for 1 to 2 minutes. Using a cotton flannel or muslin cloth soaked in warm water gently press it over your face for 10-15 seconds before wiping in circular motions to remove the oil. I usually repeat this process a second time but you’ll quickly develop a technique that works for you. The oil leaves skin freshly cleansed with no greasy residue, ready for toning.

Soothe Facial Oil

While my favourite of the 3 is the Cleansing Oil, this is a very close second as a bit of variation from my trusty hemp seed oil. With lavender and chamomile, it’s calming and soothing for red or irritated skin, so great if I’ve been for a run and my face has taken a battering in the wind. I think this will become a reliable staple in the winter months for dry and tired skin in need of nourishment and sunlight!

Like the Cleansing Oil, it contains 5 ingredients with no fragrance and no fillers: apricot kernel oil*, jojoba seed oil*, kuki seed oil, lavender oil, chamomile oil.

*organic ingredients

I put three drops on my fingertips before rubbing gently with my other hand to warm to oil up, then lightly press it onto my skin until it’s fully absorbed. As with the cleansing oil, it is light and non-greasy.

I spent years avoiding oil as I mistakenly thought it would make my acne-prone skin worse. Since I started using oils 8 months ago my skin has improved in terms of clarity, texture and oil production (with oil-free moisturisers I’d be shiny within 15 minutes!) and I can’t imagine not using them now. I’ve tried a few over the past few months and my skin has responded well to the Soothe range. Oils also help to keep skin soft and supple due to essential fatty acid content, so can help to slow down the natural aging process. I like to try to find scientific evidence to back up claims but I’ve found this can be quite difficult as unsurprisingly there aren’t many randomised controlled trials for skincare……………so you’ll just that to accept my own personal qualitative data that I was asked for ID on a recent pharmacy work night out 🙌 A few years ago I would have been offended but as I’m now nearly 32, it made my day!

For more information on the key benefits of the chosen oils check out Mallow and White

Soothe Face Mask

As with the oils, if you haven’t tried clay masks before, this gentle formulation is a great place to start.

With 4 pure ingredients: white (kaolin) clay, marshmallow root powder*, cornstarch*, lavender essential oil*, it forms a pristine white paste when mixed with water. I like to add a little honey to clay masks too to prevent them from drying out, but experiment and see what works best for your skin.

Overall a great little starter pack for anyone new to oils and clays and wanting to invest in their skin. If you’re going to try one product only make it the Soothe Cleansing oil- your skin and the environment will thank you! 10% of Mallow and White’s profits go to charity and the team have also created a ‘Restore’ range for normal/dry skin and a ‘Revitalise’ range for mature skin.

The simple things in life make us happiest and in my opinion simplifying skincare, thinking carefully about the purpose of ingredients and selecting products based on your skin’s needs leads to happy skin!

All photos taken in the morning dew at 7.30am on one of the only sunny days during my 2 weeks in Fermanagh! ☉

💛 Bee xx

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