From ‘Beauty and the Bee’ to ‘The Burnished Bee’- why the change?

Thanks for visiting The Burnished Bee, originally Beauty and the Bee, now newly redesigned with a broader focus. To get a general overview of the change, check out the ‘About’ section, for more detail keep reading……..

Its all about name associations

Cruelty Free Bee was my Instagram name- sounds a bit too much like Cruelty Free Kitty (the absolute authority on all things cruelty free!) doesn’t it? I didn’t want to be perceived as a wannabe Cruelty Free Kitty and I found having ‘cruelty free’ in my name was a little restrictive as I want to write about other things like natural beauty products, pharmacy, runs etc. I’m also not vegan and I happily use products which aren’t vegan (honey is probably my favourite ingredient in skincare).

Beauty and the Bee was the website and facebook name I set up during my 3 months as a Younique presenter. My first ever blog post summarised why I left Younique- feel free to go through the archives and read it! As I was so eager to set up my blog I kept the name and the facebook page. Now I think it’s time for a clean break.

The Burnished Bee gives me more freedom to write about whatever I want.

Burnished means polished, bright, glazed, enhanced, improved.

The key bit of Burnished is improvement. My aim is to share what I learn as I try to live more ethically……

…and I needed to have Bee in there somewhere: 1. because it’s my name and 2. because I’m obsessed with bees 🐝

On a personal level, it also has links to my Dad, who died last summer. His favourite pastime was polishing antiques. I have a jumper of his that I kept wrapped up so it still has the metallic scent of his workshop, and a little brass trinket box he polished for me, which now stores one of his favourite ties.

Progression over the past year

I’m not great at make-up; I will never be able to draw a perfect wing or nail a cut-crease. I’m much more drawn towards skincare, mainly because I’ve had acne on and off since I was 14 and I’ve been on 4 courses of isotretinoin (Roaccutane). Since starting to use oil and products with a more simplified ingredient list, I feel like my skin has made progress.

My definition of cruelty-free has also become stricter over the past year, and through researching the policies of cosmetics companies and discovering their lack of transparency and accountability, I’ve also started to think more about fashion- who made my clothes? Did they receive a fair wage? What are their working conditions? Is it possible to shop ethically on the high street?

So what’s next?

In addition to the usual product and beauty box reviews, expect more of a focus on skincare: always cruelty-free but branching into organic and DIY. I also hope to research ‘natural’ ingredients, for example, whether there is any scientific evidence for the benefits of certain essential oils, as I’ve often read claims that they treat/cure just about anything. As a future pharmacist, I like to see sound scientific evidence! I’m also planning on cutting out various food groups over the summer and reporting on whether or not this had an effect on my skin, starting with a dairy experiment in a couple of weeks time.

A tentative look at fashion: I know less about fashion than about make-up, but I want to find out how to decide whether a clothing company can be considered ethical, using Project Just and the Ethical Consumer as guidance.

More on initiatives/charities involved in developing alternatives to animal testing in medicine. I’m running the Great North Fun for Animal-Free Research UK (formerly known as the Dr Hadwen Trust) so I’m planning on writing few posts about their work in the lead up to the run.

Thanks for reading


Bee xx



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