February’s Natural Beauty Box: Kissed by the Ocean

January’s content was impressive for the first ever box, but February’s is an absolute gem with so many rich colours, scents and textures…….all the heart-eyed emojis for the refreshing bluey-green hues 😍😍😍

Coffee, honey and hemp seed oil have become my skincare staples over the past couple of months, so it’s been fun to mix things up with some mint and lemongrass 🍋 Until last week I’d never smelt jasmine before…..now I find it so addictive that I keep unscrewing the lid for another sniff!

I like reviews where you can tell the writer has genuinely tried the products and I hope this comes across in what you’re about to read……🐳💙🐟🌊🐋

Let’s start with a scrub and finish with a scrub 🙌


French Clay and Lemongrass Detoxifying Body Scrub by Tosé Apothecary

Based in London, Tosé stands for ‘The Origin of Skin Essentials’ and in addition to their oils, serum and balms they are now the talented creators of an award-winning scrub 🏆 This won Editor’s Choice in the 2017 Beauty Shortlist Awards and after trying it out over the past week, I can see why…..

This is one super-energising and invigorating scrub and it’s the perfect time to try it out as we’re heading into brighter Spring mornings/evenings, preparing to de-layer. As well as leaving skin smooth and soft, it also feels nourished and hydrated thanks to the oil content.

Ingredients: dead sea salt, Epsom salt, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, green clay, lemongrass leaf oil, Vitamin E, lavender oil, lime oil, ylang ylang flower oil, citral*, geraniol*, linalool*, limonene*, benzylsalicylate*, benzylbenzoate*

*occurs naturally in essential oils

“Responsibily sourced, ethically created and never tested on animals.”

Thank you Tosé for helping me discover my absolute love of lemongrass!
Aqua Natural Nail Polish by Little Ondine

I’d heard amazing things about Little Ondine: cruelty-free …..natural……fast drying…….no chemical smell……..no nasty ingredients……peels off……easily changed 💅

This is the February product I was most excited to try: it took me back to the days of my first nail polish as a child, which was only available in one colour- pink!

The turquoise colour matched my gym kit and I love that it is odourless and can be removed in seconds. I was impressed with the application as I was worried it would be too thick/streaky. However the lack of longevity was an issue for me 👎Having a dog, I wash my hands a lot and it started to peel at the edges of my thumbs within 24 hours.

Little Ondine’s website advises that it should last 3-5 days but this will vary depending on how oily/dry nails are……maybe 3-5 days on my toes but definitely not on my fingers!


PHB Seaweed and Mint Skin Refresh Gel

PHB stands for Pure. Handmade. British. and products are natural, vegan, cruelty-free and halal certified with no micro-beads, no palm oil and no synthetic fragrances.

This cooling gel is designed to heal heat rash, insect bites and tired feet. I haven’t had any heat rash or insect bites over the past week but I have had tired feet and muscles (I overdid it on a biceps track in a ‘pure pump’ class and couldn’t straighten my arms fully for two days! 💪). The gel absorbs into the skin quickly and has a gentle soothing action; will make a great aftersun to keep in the fridge in the summer ☉

Ingredients: water, organic aloe vera, vegetable glycerine, seaweed, sclerotium gum (from mushrooms), bio-saccharide gum-I, xanthan gum, coco-caprylate, propanediol (replacement for PEG), salix alba (white willow), peppermint, benzyl alcohol, limonene*, linalool*

*occurs naturally

The aloe vera content makes it great for taking the heat out of burns; I worked in a restaurant for a few months after finishing my first degree- we kept an aloe vera plant in the changing rooms for dealing with my oven-accidents! 😛

The cruelty-free section on PHB’s website is impressive: “By supporting companies that fight against testing on animals and refusing to purchase from companies that do, you will help put an end to this awful practice.” And did I mention that they donate 20% of their profits to charity?

PHB 100% Pure Organic Lip Gloss in the shade ‘Grace’

Also by PHB, the best thing about this gloss is that it’s not sticky, so your hair doesn’t get stuck to your lips when it’s windy! 🖒 A pretty pink colour for Spring, it has a rich shimmer so I like to blend it in with some balm. All packaging is fully recyclable so it’s also eco-friendly 💚

Ingredients: organic castorbean oil, organic jojoba, organic shea butter, organic meadow foam, candelilla wax, mica, iron oxides, vitamin E, citrus tangerine oil, limonene*, linalool*
*naturally occurring


Jasmine and Matcha Green Tea (Repair) Salt and Sulphur Scrub by The Salt Parlour
In case you haven’t worked it out already- I LOVE scrubs! 💆 Especially ones that are natural, cruelty-free, handmade in the UK and smell as amazing as this one! 👃 It’s fresh, floral and heady all at the same time and it makes my skin, nose and eyes happy! I love the rich, jewel-green colour and it gets extra green points for the fully recyclable (or upcyclable) packaging 🌿

Ingredients: dead sea salt, coconut oil, sugar, organic sulphur, peach kernel oil, pumice stone powder, matcha green tea, jojoba seed oil, vitamin E, jasmine oil

It’s a drier texture than the other scrub and a little goes a long way. It is gentle enough to use on psoriasis or eczema and makes a great alternative to coffee scrubs for anyone not keen on the smell of coffee ☕

Made in small batches, The Salt Parlour offer a range of salt and sulphur based scrubs: from hydrating seaweed and cucumber, to detoxing black clay and vanilla, to calming rose and shea butter…..I intend to work my way through them all! 😍

Overall, February’s ‘Kissed by the Ocean’ box has been one for the scrub-lovers; it’s introduced me to some great UK brands and I’ve absolutely loved trying out all the textures and smells. I’m hooked on lemongrass and jasmine and I can finally say I’ve tried Little Ondine 💙

The theme for March’s box is ‘English Garden’ 💐 and brand/product reveals are underway over on The Natural Beauty Box’s Instagram feed @nat_beauty_box. To find out more about March’s box and to sign up for yours with 10% off, visit: https://www.thenaturalbeautybox.co.uk/

Thanks for reading!



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  1. Really glad to know your love for our scrub ! I am really happy to know that you liked using our handcrafted range and that your skin feels energized and smooth after use 🙂

    Thank you for your lovely mention !


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