Urban Decay Naked Skin

Urban Decay launched in 1996, as an edgy, alternative make-up brand to combat the girly-pink products available at the time….. With names like ‘asphyxia’ and ‘exhaust’, I remember my first encounter with UD eyeshadow in my late teens. I loved the quirky-rebelliousness of the names, the packaging, the colours, the glitter- I wore the eyeshadows... Continue Reading →

Why I left Younique

For anyone looking for a dramatic story of back-stabbing and corporate greed……..I’m sorry to disappoint! I’m sure if you google ‘why I left Younique’ you’ll find some more colourful stories! My experience with Younique was largely positive – my team were super-supportive and are genuinely lovely ladies. I wish them every success with building their... Continue Reading →

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