Veganuary Week 1

I signed up for Veganuary at the last minute, and what better way to do it than to use Instagram for accountability. My reasons? I like a challenge January can be quite a boring/depressing month so I wanted a focus to motivate me through it To see if I crave meat The excess of Christmas-... Continue Reading →

DIY Festive Spice Body Scrub

I love a bit of DIY when it comes to skincare and scrubs are my absolute favourite! I like to use rice flour mixed with honey on my face, while the coarse texture of coffee is great for exfoliating everywhere else. I’ve made coffee scrubs and salt scrubs before with lemon, peppermint and juniper essential... Continue Reading →

Fashion Revolution: who made my clothes?

“Every commodity ‘contain[s] stories encompassing geography and time, supply and demand, raw materials and market forces, and people. People with names and toes and sores and wages and fancies and parents and memories.’” (Cohen, 1997, 14) Be curious Last summer I completed a 3 week course run by the University of Exeter and Future Learn... Continue Reading →

Herb Farmacy Open Day

This week I had the pleasure of visiting the 5-acre Herb Farmacy farm, neatly tucked away along curly country lanes in the Herefordshire hills. After spending a few days in the area: nearly getting blown off the summit of Hay’s Bluff (while Roo tried to sneak off to investigate the sheep), and eating Shepherd’s ice... Continue Reading →

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